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Business Incubation - Your Marketing Team in U.S.

Your Marketing Team in U.S.
What we here at Onbic can do for you?


Our professional marketing team will provide you with unparalleled solutions to best fit your company. We will create a custom-tailored team to manage your business when you join Onbic. Our experience and ability to designate a specific team based on your brand's needs are a built-in support mechanism for your brand.

We devote our time and energy to learning about your business and how we can apply our marketing expertise to build your brand and connect you to the ever-growing social media and potential customers.

Build Relationships with Suppliers

Build Relationships


It pays to invest time in building good relationships with your key suppliers. If you can save money or improve the quality of the goods or services you buy from your suppliers, your business stands to gain.



Physical Retail & Local Business Networks



It's a great way to create opportunities for your business that sitting behind a computer can't get you. You are allowing other businesses to take part in the marketing of your products. They will talk about your products to their customers and hopefully spread the word about it through their own internet marketing activities.



Get Going with Trade Shows

Trade Show


An exhibition created so that manufacturers and distributors may show or demonstrate new products or services. Trade shows can have a profound impact on your business, especially if you're the manufacturer or source of your own products. Trade shows are a great place to book large orders with retailers from all over the world, it is really about networking and building relationships with the right people in your industry.


Advertise Your Products

advertise your products



We can advertise your website and products through search engine, organic searches, review sites, niche interest sites, and many other areas. Social media marketing is also a very large component of online advertising. 



Selling your products over electronic networks, including the Internet or mobile applications. Onbic makes it easy to build and manage your online store, we can help you to update your store, manage inventory, fulfill orders, and contact a customer.


Selling on Amazon


Selling on eBay

online store onbic

Selling on Online Store of Onbic


Build Your Own Online Store



Customer Service

Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. At First, we take the time to learn about your business and products. Then, We will spend a lot of time and energy training our employees to provide excellent customer service for you, because it is often one of the best ways to ensure your customers will return. - Good customer service provides patrons with a positive experience.

Our marketing team can deliver service to your customers in three major ways:

Face-to-Face Interaction

Face-to-Face Interaction

Nothing can replace the value of face-to-face communication. There's nothing more powerful than a face-to-face meeting when you are trying to win over a customer.

Phone Calls

Phone Calls

Our services include processing orders over the phone in addition to handling requests and complaints, answer clients questions. We must acquire knowledge about your company's products and services.


Written Communications

Email is an extremely important written communication tool used in business. Good written communication is vital in delivering information quickly and clearly. It helps avoid misunderstandings and prevent confusion and time wasting.



For pricing please contact us to discuss your requirements: Call +1(844)310-8111 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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