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International Expansion to China

International Expansion to China


Onbic has 10 years of international trading experience. We will support international business (brands) to expand their market to China with our marketing and trading support services. With our business international expansion program, you can establish brand presence without establishing local entities in China.

Virtual Offices



Our virtual office services give you the ability to easily and quickly lease an office in any of our locations throughout the China, enabling your business to expand into oversea markets, thus increasing your market share. 



Selling your products over electronic networks, including the Internet or mobile applications. Onbic makes it easy to build and manage your online store, we can help you to update your store, manage inventory, fulfill orders, and contact a customer.

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Tmall / Taobao

Tmall/Taobao are the e-commerce platform with more than 50% share in China. Started as a C2C e-commerce platform like eBay, Taobao became synonymous with e-commerce. Taobao’s Alipay, an escrow service which freed both buyers and sellers from trading risks, became the largest online payment platform in China. Opening a store on Tmall is the first step to enter the China market.We will provide one-stop service from opening a store to daily store operations and order fulfilment.

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Selling on Online Store of Onbic
Build Your Own Online Store
Our robust ecommerce platform makes web-based retail easy. Our apps can help you improve your marketing abilities, seamlessly manage your online store, enhance SEO and understand consumer buying behaviours.


Marketing Communication Strategy

Marketing Communication Str

Onbic helps you to develop marketing communication strategy and detailed communication plan based on your target market and business strategy.
Based on our marketing campaign experiences, we will created high ROI communication plan for your owned and social media, and traffic acquisition tools and campaigns.


Representative Office Registration In China

In Mainland China, there are 4 modes of business presences for foreign investors: WFOE(65%), Representative Office(20%), FIPE(10%), Joint Venture(5%). About 20% of Onbic's clients choose Rep. Office as their China business entity since it's cost efficient and it requires no capital investment.

Representative Office (RO) is established by foreign companies to engage in business liaisons, quality control, product promotion, market research, exchange of technology and other permitted activities in China.

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Registering your trademarks in China


Registering a trademark allows your company to leverage its brand and prevent others from using your name or trying to confuse customers with a similar brand. It does take some time and modest resources to register a trademark in China but the alternative – exporting to China without a registered trademark – would leave your brand unprotected and open to considerable risk.

Your registered trademarks in U.S. are not applicable in China. Therefore, if you see good opportunities in China and are looking to remain in the market for the medium to long-term, then it is important to have your IP taken care of right at the beginning. China is a first-to-file country meaning that, all else being equal, whoever applies for a trademark first, will obtain the registration. Unless you can manage to do business without your existing brand, seriously consider registering your trademark in China.

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